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a letter to my profs

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dear profs,

i understand you must be angry with me. i understand that you must feel like i'm faking a lot. how many other students keep emailing you and apologizing for missing classes and say that they weren't feeling well... i'm sure you're sick of the dr's notes too. i'm sure you're also sick of the request for extensions that i've been asking for my essays.

what you don't understand is what i'm going through... how not only my pain is like a knitting needle is jabbing at my cervix or i have a dull aching in my uterus that is often punctuated with sharp spasms, but this is coupled with my anxiety disorder and the fact that i'm on anti depressants to just and give me "breathing space" so i can calm down and at least try and get some motivation back to doing work.

if you knew what i'm going through, you might understand. however, i highly doubt you understand the extent of what i go through each day, and how difficult it is to push myself out of bed every morning. the pain is worse in the morning and sometimes walking can feel impossible. would i rather be in your class, or at home curled up wishing the pain would go away? to please you, i'll be in class. but not often. please extend some sort of compassion my way. you being rude isn't helping me.

your student... with endo.

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